So I promised my girl Shirley that I would participate in Blogtober. I confessed to her that I wasn’t sure whether or not I would be able to pull it off – I have a hard enough time blogging about other things every day; how on earth am I supposed to write a blog post every day on something autumn-related? But in the spirit of the season itself, which never fails to make me happy, I decided to give it the good old college try. And so here it is, ladies and gentlemen: my first Blogtober post. Since I’m three days late to the party, I suppose this will have to make up for the first two days of the month that I missed.

I wonder what autumn in Paris is like. Does the weather begin to cool, the way it does here? Do the monsieurs et mademoiselles of the city clutch their scarves tighter to their chests, warding off the chill from the crisp air? Do they enjoy warm drinks the way we do, going into their local cafes to purchase everything pumpkin-flavored, sitting down with said drinks and having cozy conversations with the people they love the most? Do they turn to their cookbooks for recipes for soups and stews, the way we do in America? And what of the fashion? Parisians are fashionable by nature; it seems they can look flawless without even trying (are they born that way?). How does the fashion of the Parisian cityscape change when colder weather rolls around?

I should like to find out someday.


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